Box Truck Sex Kittina Coxxx gets a free massage and licking in our box truck

Bumping into Kittina Coxxx – quite literally – on the middle of the sidewalk on this nice morning probably changed her entire day – and we like to think it’s for the better! Sipping her morning coffee and seeming a bit flustered, we figure we might make this beautiful woman’s day a bit better by offering her a free massage from a crewmember inside of our truck. Seemingly impressed by our truck, this 21-year-old woman quickly agrees to relieve the tension of her work week.

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When offered her massage clothing to change into, our newest model seems a bit flustered by the idea of people from the street watching her change. However, she warms up quickly as we make comfortable conversation while the camera discreetly films the entire process so you get to watch! With her perky ass and slender legs now on display, the brunette lays onto our massage bed to experience the very talented hands of our crewmember. Little does she know that they’re talented in more ways than one!

Enjoy the view as the camera films a first-hand view of the luscious skin that our crewmember is massaging. As you enjoy the view of her thick ass being massaged or her panties being pulled into pleasurable areas, our model is beginner to fully relax into our talented massuese’s hands. When his hand slips our model’s panties aside for a more intimate massage, she certainly isn’t complaining! With her pussy looking so wet and tasty, he quickly progresses to using his lips as she squirms and moans in pleasure.

Even as her clothing is removed, our brunette still remains a bit shy and giggles anytime the camera operator makes eye contact. Her shyness doesn’t keep her from slipping her masseuse’s hard cock down her throat when he climbs on top of her, though! Though she sucks and licks with passion, it doesn’t take long until our crewmember wants to slide inside of her tight entrance. Enjoy as the couple explores multiple positions – each with attention to pleasure for both of them. She certainly knows how to ride cock, and she proves it as she rides him, doggy style, until he pulls out and unleashes a full load on her ass.


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