Box Truck Sex Katie Montana, the gorgeous Russian blonde visits our box truck


When Katie Montana goes on her walk to explore the city that morning, I’m sure she’s not expecting her day to turn out like this! When this gorgeous Russian blonde is approached on the street by our team, she seems more-than-happy to chat. A tourist who’s just in Budapest for a few days, we find out that Katie is enjoying a bit of a vacation from her usual fashion modeling job. When we invite her inside our truck for a quick chat about a job, the beautiful blonde happily obliges.

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Once inside, this Russian model is happy to work with us on an impromptu photoshoot. While she starts off in her vibrant orange sweater with form-fitting black pants with her stiletto boots, we quickly find that she’s willing to show more skin as we negotiate more pay for her. As each new piece of clothing is removed, she seems a little more nervous about the complete strangers that are milling about less than five feet away from her exposed body. However, our new star is clearly a professional in front of the camera as she adopts some of the sexiest and alluring poses we’ve seen in a long time – just for you!

Keeping the money rolling seems to motivate Katie well, and it’s not long before she’s lounging on our bed without a lick of clothing. We get some of the hottest shots of her slipping her hands between her thighs before one of our crew asks her if she’d be willing to enjoy the pleasures of licking, sucking, and fucking for even more money. Shyly, and with a look around the busy street she’s parked on, this lovely blonde agrees, and it isn’t long until she’s laying back on the bed with a tongue between her slender legs.

Our newest model proves she’s done this before when she returns the favor, however. With her tongue piercing as added sensation, she licks and sucks like she’s being paid for it – because she is!

After her lavish oral skills, they move onto fucking – and she clearly enjoys it in every way possible! Watch as she gets taken from behind as she’s able to watch all of the people passing by outside. Enjoy her intense moans as she can’t get enough of riding on top. When her hot body has finally pushed her partner to his limit, watch as she takes his entire load on her willing and smiling face.



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